3 Key Things You Must Have At The Back Of Your Mind While Using Public Transport

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After a long wait, the President has finally fully opened up the public transport sector and once again, passengers shall be loaded to full capacity.

However, considering the times in which we are and the likelihood of contracting covid-19 during this period, it is important that you keep these three factors at the back of your mind so as to keep yourself safe.

1. Always wear your mask properly:

No matter where you are, wear you mask properly in order to limit on your chances of contracting covid-19. Do not put your mask under your chin or below your nose so as to minimum on your chances of catching the virus especially in a congested place. This shall keep you safe despite the presence of the Omicron variant.

2. Constantly sanitize and wash your hands frequently:

Move with your sanitize and constantly sanitize your hands in case you get in contact with the virus. Also, once you get to a water point, wash your hands with clean running water and soap so that you can ensure that you constantly keep your hands clean.

3. Avoid touching your soft parts:

Make sure you don’t touch your soft parts including your eyes, nose and mouth since you can easily spread the virus to yourself after you touched an infected surface. Make sure by the time you touch soft parts on your face, you have washed your hands thoroughly with clean water and soap.

In such trying times, it is important that you stick to the above guidelines and other Standard Operating Procedures set by the Ministry of Health in order to keep yourself safe. Also, get vaccinated and improve your immunity against covid-19.

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