3 striking features you didn’t know that make East Africa standout

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East Africa is known for her wonderful landscape which makes her one of the World’s top
tourism destinations. From the Kenyan Masai Mara, to the Tanzanian Nyika plateau and
Mountain Kilimanjaro, down to Uganda’s mountain gorillas, surely East African’s beauty is

Here are three of East Africa’s most prominent and outstanding physical features.

1. The East African Rift valley

Running from North Kenya to Tanzania and back up to Uganda, it’s no doubt that the East
African Rift valley is nothing compared to ordinary landmarks that we have grown accustomed
to seeing.

The rift valley also houses other physical features such as lakes which include Lake Turkana,
Lake Albert, Lake Edward and Lake George which only further accelerate the beauty of the East
African Rift valley.

Well we certainly can not talk of the rift valley without speaking of the escapements that are
steep and design the walls of the rift valley as it ascends towards the heavens. It goes on to
provide fertile soils for agriculture and many economic activities.

No wonder, people keep flying into the region just have a glimpse of the breathtaking rift valley
which is one of a kind.

2. Lake Victoria

Another landmark that is shared by the three East Africa countries is Lake Victoria. Each
country has a portion of the magnificent water body that goes far and wide in her glorious

Although back in 1858, John Hanning Speke named the lake after the then Queen of England
Victoria, the lack was already known by the local people who named it differently as the

Baganda addressed it as Nnalubale, the Dholuo named it Nam Lolwe, the Banyarwanda
addressed it as Nyanza while Ukerewe also happens to be one of it’s traditional names.

Lake Victoria is also home to multiple islands including Ukerewe island which is located in
Tanzania, Ssese island in Uganda and also Maboko island which is found in Kenya. It not only is Africa’s largest in land water body but also so happens to be one of the world’s largest lakes standing at position five. The water body occupies 169,858 km².

In case you are a great lover of Nile Perch Fisk and Tilapia, there’s no doubt that definitely Lake
Victoria is your perfect tourism destination as you will not only get to enjoy the serenity of the
lake but also, a wonderful meal.

3. The East African coast

Although it is shared by only two of the East Africa countries, the East African coast surely is a
striking element of the region thanks to the blue water, ancient tourism sites along the coast
and the white sand beaches.

Right from Mombasa down to Dar Es Salaam, the beauty of the East African coast surely is
undeniable making it one of the best destinations in case you plan on going on a vacation on a
beautiful far away coast.

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The cost also has a feel of various local and international delicacies that you wouldn’t want to
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Also, you can’t miss out on a chance to go back in time and visit some of the places that we only
heard of in History classes such as Fort Jesus alongside many ancient towns that await your

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