3 Top Icons Social Media Bore In 2021

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Social media possess so much power to a point that it could certainly turn an oblivious 60-year-old into a celebrity over night or a retired school teacher into the composer of various slogans and not to mention, a music fanatic into a highly sought emcee in the span of hours.

Although 2021 is a forgotten topic right now, these are three top unforgettable icons whose lives took a different turn for the better in the hands of social media last year;

3. MC Africa:

Drawing from his appearance in a weekly release ushering Ugandans into the weekend with Pia Pounds’ famous song “twende tupaate,” MC Africa become highly popular without knowing. In the absence of a smartphone to connect him to the rest of the world, MC Africa was already highly celebrated.

This prompted Pia Pounds to pick him up and refurnish him into a brand new person. As though that was not enough, he featured in the “twende tupaate” remix alongside Eddy Kenzo and Pia Pounds. Later on, he also appeared in another song alongside the Kampala boys B2C.

2. Master Charles:

Not many young Ugandans can speak English as fluently as Master Charles does which certainly amazed social media dwellers and kept them coming for more. From one video to two and finally uncountable, you usually couldn’t tell how far he was going with all the attention that was being showered upon Master Charles.

His impact upon many Ugandans was truly felt which prompted Ugandans on Twitter to pay him a visit to his residence and take him a number of essentials that would make his life much better.

To send them off, Master Charles sang a melody thanking the Almighty for His greatness.

1. Muzeeyi Jjemba:

”Ekyase omugenzi” Muzeeyi Jjemba the infamous death announcement reader has become very popular due to the fact that he has been reading death announcements for a while and someone liked his picture to twitter.

Subsequently, a number of memes were made out of this picture until NBS television sought him out to conduct an interview with them. He even disclosed that he was single, little did he know that his wife that had divorced him prior would run back into his arms and rekindle their old love.

This is just one of the blessings that came along with Jjemba’s fame as he even got himself a smartphone and even an appearance in one of the local artists’ song dubbed “tusimbudde.”

Although no one among the above had a smartphone at the time they became popular, they surely hit the limelight and became the country’s most sought persons thanks to their unique characters that were exposed by social media.

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