4 Tips through Which You Can Join In Fight against Climate Change

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Climate change has become a global concern because what transpires in one country is certainly bound to affect the activities in another country or even the globe at large.

Due to such global changes, even our day to day activities have been tampered with for example the planting seasons have been altered with and the times we initially expected to have a dry spell are now filled with rain while the initial rainy seasons are now characterized by dry spells.

Such unpredictable times have caused the agricultural sector to be severely affected yet as a country, our main source of income is the agricultural sector. Even more to it, this could lead to an increment in the prices of food stuffs or even famine in some parts of the country.

Therefore, here are four tips through which you can stand with the rest of the world in the fundamental fight against climate change;

1. Drive less:

It is a good practice to let your car rest for some time and take a walk or even better yet, ride your bicycle around. This is not only good for your healthy but also for our environment as it limits on the emitting of harmful gases into the atmosphere that in the end affects the climate of your surrounding or geographical location.

2. Saving electricity:

The manufacture of electricity is through natural resources like water bodies particularly rivers that have water falls with the force that can be used to turn turbines and generate hydroelectricity power. Certainly, this process has an effect upon the environment like the construction of the Bujagali dam caused flooding in the neighboring areas. Therefore, to avoid occurrences such as these, consume less electricity and save the environment as well as your pocket from hefty electricity bills.

3. Reducing food waste:

Due to climate change, food has become a scares resource in the world and a good number of people are facing the impact. In order to avoid being a bad seed, eradicate food waste so that more people can acquire food despite the grave impacts that climate change has had upon the food chain system in the country or rather the world.

4. Recycle:

Instead of disposing off plastic carelessly, recycle it and usage these containers for storage of various essentials in your household. Better yet, use this containers for arts and crafts like a group of youths who decided to construct houses out of plastic bottles. Through such mechanisms, you can successfully avoid poor waste disposable and also climate change.

In conclusion, the fight against climate change is a collective effort and in order to accomplish it, we need to stand together and protect our environment for generations that are yet to come.

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