5 Eating Habits To Adopt After You Are Diagnosed With Cancer

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Once you have been diagnosed with cancer, one of the essential ways to fight off the illness as well as its potential side effects is through keeping and maintaining a healthy diet. Therefore, here are some essential feeding habits you could add to your diet.

1. Vegetables:

Doctors recommend at least two and a half cups of a variety of foods and vegetables every single day. These could range from dark leafy vegetables to citrus fruits among many others. They are essential because many of them have plenty of cancer-fighting elements that are important for your health at the time.

2. Liquids:

Secondly, make liquids your number one friends. Drink a lot of water, drink lots of freshly squeezed fruits as your body needs to be hydrated 24/7 and you also require a constant supply of vitamins.

3. Eat when you are hungry:

In case you are constantly hungry, it is important to eat and make breakfast the biggest and most important meal of your day. In case you end up losing appetite later on in the day, your heavy breakfast can always sustain you through the day.

4. Eat helpful snacks:

In case you are getting chemotherapy, eating a snack before could help to minimize your nausea.

Therefore, keep snacks in close range. Have some yogurt, cheese or crackers with you to help strengthen your body.

5. Eat foods that require little or no preparation:

In case you constantly experience side effects like fatigue or digestive issues, you could resort to eating foods that require little or no preparation. These will help to keep your body strong and limit on the side effects of the drugs.

Therefore, ensure that you watch your diet, let your caretaker, family or friends know what is best for you so that together, we can unify and fight against the possibilities of losing more people to cancer.

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