5 Essential Foods to Improve Your Skin

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Your skin usually is prone to suffering from a lot of issues like acne. These could easily affect your face, neck, back and shoulders. One of the essential ways to protect your skin is through watching your diet and these are some foods you can eat to take care of skin.
Vegetables and fruits are known to be beneficial to the skin and even the body in general. Here are some vegetables that you could eat to help you out carrots, spinach and other green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, berries and salmon, mackerel and other fatty fish.
However, people have different skins and therefore, they would need to eat different foods in order to ensure that they protect themselves. Foods containing zinc have also been known to help in ensuring a healthy skin and these could include pumpkin seeds, cashews, beef, turkey, quinoa, lentils and sea foods such as oysters and crab.
On the other hands, some foods have been believed to increase on changes of damaging your skin and these include processed or refined sugars or other carbohydrates as well as unhealthy fats that promote skin aging.
Furthermore, some foods are known to spike your insulin levels and therefore, watch them for the good of your health. Pasta, white rice, white bread and sugar should be consumed in minimal qualities so as to protect not only your skin but also your health.
In conclusion, the foods you eat usually impact upon your health so it is important to watch what you eat because in the end, that is exactly what you become.
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