5 fascinating features about Uganda you never knew

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When it was named the ‘pearl of Africa,’ the words truly defined Uganda to the dot. Located in
the heart of Africa, the country is truly one to look out for thanks to this ultimate beauties that
surround the country. Here are the amazing features about Uganda.

These are top five features about Uganda that make it an outstanding country;

5. Affordability

Living in Uganda is easy since access to basic needs such as feeding and accommodation is
extremely easy. This is because it offers feeding which can match your budget therefore, it
would be easy to live in Uganda no matter how much money you earn. Is it not nice?

4. Lions climb trees

Lions in Queen Elizabeth are unique since they are known for their ability to climb trees which is
extremely unique. However, the secret behind this is because during the rainy season, bugs
usually attack them forcing them to climb up trees. One of the amazing features about Uganda.

3. Variety of Bird Species

Uganda has a variety bird species which stand at around 1000. Aside from this, Uganda has 56%
of Africa’s bird types which you surely have to go out and explore so as not to miss out on
Uganda’s beauty.

2. Diversity

Despite being an extremely small country, Uganda is filled with diversity as it has about 56
tribes. Each tribe has it’s own culture which only increases on the country's diversity of the
country. Also, one of the amazing features about Uganda.

1. Mountain Gorillas

Uganda has the highest number of gorillas in the world as well as a high primate density which
you most definitely must explore and enjoy while living in the country. This is one of the amazing features about Uganda, and the reason most tourists visit the country.

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