5 Top Comedians That Made 2021 a Memorable Year

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Although the year of 2021 has come to an end, there is surely a number of comedians that cracked up our ribs and made the year memorable for us. Their works illuminated our faces with smiles and had us busting out in laughter. Here are the top 5 that absolutely made the year a humorous despite the covid-19 lockdown;

5. Reign and Maulana:

The duo is relatively new to the comedy industry and usually performs at the comedy store. With a specialty in the local dialect of Luganda, they certainly know the nerves to touch and how to tickle you up into endless laughter. The flexibility with which they act always choosing role plays certainly paints a perfect image for what they are trying to put across, we certainly must look out for them this year, 2022.

4. Maddrat and Chiko:

Almost a human imitation of the famous child-days cartoon “tom and jerry,” Chiko is certainly always tiptoeing around Maddrat never stops laying his traps. The two work like the bicycle and its chain which without doubt has brought laughter to our lips throughout 2022. We anticipate what they have in the bag for us this year.

3. Patrick Salvador:

By this time, you are without doubt familiar with the introductions “the man from umbokolo.”. Patrick Salvador can be considered a legend in the comedy industry since he has been performing for some time now. However, his art has never faded and it has stood the test of time, we could clearly say he is versatile in his trade.

2. Alex Muhangi:

Proprietor of the “Comedy Store,” that is an umbrella organization offering a platform for various Ugandan comedians, Alex Muhangi truly stands out in the comedy industry. Right from his facial expressions to his body language, you can’t help but be filled with extreme excitement after listening to him.

1. MC Mariachi:

Topping our list today is pencil sized comedian Mariachi. Most of his comedies are contemporary which makes him have such a big audience at his back and dying to listen to him.

He seems to have the art to make fun of situations transpiring in society while secretly reminding you that it is okay for certain aspects to be the way they are.

Finally we come to an end and these are the top five comedians of 2021. As we unravel the New Year, we await what it has in store for us and who knows, some fresh talent may flow into the industry with newer tricks to crack up our ribs.

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