A Guide On How To Avoid Fraudsters While Returning Children To School

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Following over two years of no academic progress for the majority of Uganda’s students, the head of State President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni finally gave a green light to schools for students to resume study.

While parents make haste to ensure that their children can return to school, the fraudsters have also got a trick or two up their sleeves which they are eagerly waiting to unveil come 10th, January.

In order to avoid fraudsters, every parent needs to be prepared for what is in store and here are key measures to avoid falling prey;

  1. Fake bursaries and scholarships.

Many people have come up to advertise bursaries especially from vulnerable girl children, however, many of these bursaries may actual be conmen who are gathering money for their own benefits.

Therefore, ensure that the source of the bursary is genuine and also, do not make any payments in order to secure the bursary in question.

2. Fundraising activities by fraudsters.

Despite being a good Samaritan, watch out on the fundraising programs you contribute towards. Many of the programs being contributed towards may actually be for individual benefits but not the needy situations people may claim to be trapped. Hence while you lend a helping hand, ensure that the money in deed goes to those in need.

3. Avoid entrusting boda bodas that you don’t know with your children or their property.

While taking your children to school, ensure that the boda boda that you entrust your child with or their property is someone known to you. Anything short of that, ensure that you take your child to school yourself because there are high chances of stolen property or kidnap of children.

4. Be cautious about new schools.

Many schools are likely to crop up especially after the lockdown period. However, remember that all that glitter is not gold, some of the schools that may capture your eye could actually be mechanisms through which conmen can reach your pocket faster.

While we prepare to return our school going children to their various institutions of learning come 10th January, security is key so as to avoid unnecessary losses and also a bad resumption of the learning process.

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