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“African Music,” song by Azawi named after the Album

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Did you know, one of the songs consisting of Azawi’s sixteen truck album “African music” is
actually called “African music?”

Although the album has a number of songs with fascinating titles, this specific one stands out
because its title is actually the same as the name which has been accorded to the album it belongs

This in itself markets the song even before it has landed our eyes as it leaves us wondering if this
particular song is actually a summary of what the entire album contains or better yet, a concept
of its own that directly relates to the album.

Coming in at truck number 15, it in need fulfils the speculation of being a sum up of everything
that appears in the album since only one song is left to fill up the sixteen truck album which is
“ache for you.”


So as we anticipate this African music album, it is crucial to look out for truck number 15 so that we can learn more about the song and probably the album in general since this seems like the most direct title to the album in question.

In being a title itself, it drives our thoughts wild as we are left wondering what Azawi may have
thought about and perfectly crafted as a sum up of “African music.” It surely must be rich with
concepts from cultural heritage.

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