Andrew Mwenda in Hot Soup for Wearing Army Stores

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Veteran journalist Andrew Mwenda is in hot soup with The Uganda People’s Defense Forces for posing and wearing army stores.

According to a video that has been making rounds on social media, Andrew Mwenda is seen in possession of army stores that he is wearing which has captured the attention of the Uganda People’s Defense Forces.

Basing on the constitution, civilians are prohibited from being in possession of any clothing or material that belongs to the army or police and other security agencies as that would be violation of National property.

At the time the law was passed, it was targeted at majorly musicians and members of the performing artists as they are the ones found of using outfits such as those to capture the attention of their audiences.

The warning was further extended to the civilians since it had become part of the fashion sense to wear clothes that are Army print which the protectors of the country believed was extreme violation of their uniform.

Despite all these warnings, people have still persisted and worn clothing such as these and even posed with fake guns so as to fully pull off the look of an Army officer even when they are civilians.

Andrew Mwenda seems to have fallen into this category as he was seen posing and wearing army stores in a viral social media video which has resulted into his current situation that he is facing with the UPDF.

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