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Azawi Shines in “Party mood” song off her album

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As the year draws in with only a couple of months to usher in 2022, the streets are buzzing with
party moods to say bye to 2021. That is why Azawi shines in Party Mood brand new song 2021.

And as usual, the queen of music promises to make the year a memorable one as well as our send
off to the next year. Among the songs she will be releasing off her album, is her “party mood”

She surely promises to lighten up all the end of year parties as right from the title of the song, it
is a signed deal that you will enjoy this song down to the core and tid bits that it will be sure to
provide once it is released.

From the title, the song screams dancehall and in case you have not had enough dancing with the
“slow dancing” or if slow dancing did not get you up from your seat, then “party mood” as
surely awaken the dancer in you.


This time round you will not need the shots to get you up on your feet and to sway your body,
the lyrics in this song Party Mood and the joy which comes along with listening to it shall do the magic for you.

As the years gets closer to shutting its eyes forever, don’t forget to that God, Swangz Avenue has
got you covered. Simply listen to “Thank God” by Vinka and you can successfully sing and
dance to the greatness of God.

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