BACK HOME: Multitudes of Africans deported from Abu Dhabi

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As of today, reports reaching our desk indicate that multitudes of Africans have been deported
from Abu Dhabi.

According to reports, many of the deportees are foreigners that are living in the country
illegally of which the highest number are Africans who are being sent back home therefore.

Statistically, many of the Africans being deported are either from Uganda, Kenya or Ghana and
the reason as to why they went to the middle East is to find employment and fend for their
families back home.

However, some of their work permits have expired while others have escaped from their initial
placements of work which has in the ended landed them in hot soup since they’ve been netted
by the authorities.

It must also be noted that this is not the first time such a thing is happening since once in the
past, many Kenyans were deported from Saudi Arabia over similar issues like the ones currently

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Africans deported are usually known to flee their home countries in hope of finding jobs abroad which is instigated by the high unemployment rates in most African countries which makes it nearly
impossible for them to survive.

Additionally, the available job market especially for house maids, driver, cleaners, and industrial
workers among many others is too tempting for the already frustrated Africans to resist which
leads many of them to the middle East.

Trouble only comes in when it is time to return home, many of the people on the Arab world
are bread winners at home hence returning may mean shuttering the only hope for survival for
multiple African families.

And this sums up the reason as to why their always many Africans constituting the population
of people being deported from Abu Dhabi this year.

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