Bad Black fires back at Salvador, brands him a dead dog

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Famous city socialite Shanitah Namuyimbwa popularly known as Bad Black has fired back as
renown comedian Patrick Salvador. She says his wife Daphine was a thigh vendor on Speke Resort.

In an open letter to the celebrated comedian, Bad Black speaks about how he is incapable of
doing a thing including marrying a woman of his own or constructing a house in which him and
his family live.

Basing on the Masolo Queen’s claims, it was Rajiv Ruparelia that helped him get a wife while
the two bedroomed house in which his family is living was simply a product of charity from
President Museveni when he gave Salvador UGX 50 millions.

That’s not all, Bad Black went on to point out that the ‘50-year-old’ Salvador is extremely broke
to a point that he had to fly to the United States in a bid to earn some money after signing up as
a member of the LGBT community.

Adding salt to injury, Bad Black claimed that Salvador who she referred to as ‘a monkey shaped n
pig form’ may have been single forever if his wife, Daphine who has apparently ‘slept’ with
nearly every musician hadn’t chosen to settle down.

Bad Black that is out for blood even went as far as speaking of the sorry state in which Salvado
family currently is claiming that Salvador’s mom is living in a house that is in extremely poor

Her outburst was triggered by the fact that Salvador criticized Bad Black after she was thrown
out of her apartment for failing to clear her exceeding high rent fees which left her landlord
with no option but to evict her.

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In her defense, she left prison only four years ago which means she us struggling to find her
footing in a fast Changing environment hence crippling her endless shots at making her life
much better.

Therefore, Bad Black condemned Salvador to a life of forever begging an employee to others
since she claims he is a life long beggar and is trying to use his webs to drag her into his area of

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