Barack Obama sends gifts to Lil Nas X Montero album baby

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Lil Nas X, a male musician shares on his Instagram story that Barack Obama America’s former
president sent him baby clothes for his “unborn baby” Montero album by Lil Nas X. Trust Barack Obama to always come through to support the black community and see America past the racial illusion .

This not only shows Barack Obama trait of being inclusive and trying to support everyone in
their skin color , sexuality and all kinds of differences but also help think “looks like not all people
in society find it odd for a male to be pregnant”.

Well, most regarded king of hilarious surprises Lil Nas X has a new cake in the oven (baby) and this time it’s not the bloody infused Nikes . He is expecting a child, his new Montero album 2021. This is expected to explode the internet.

On Thursday, he shared that he was expecting an industry baby aka his album Montero 2021 which is
due on September 17th. He went on to share pictures of him dressed in a floral -like aesthetic
mimicking Beyoncé’s 2017 famous pregnancy photo shoot . He also added that his photo shoot
was inspired by another icon called Megan stallion.

He explained that he got this whole idea after listening to Megan’s verse on their new song “
Sign Slime “ for the first time. “ I was like, ‘oh my God, this is amazing , so I immediately called
my stylist , “ he said . She was like , yeah you should do a pregnancy shoot “

Social media went a wash since then and have been sending him all sorts of criticism and
contempt . But if you have been Lil Nas X follower you know for a fact that he doesn’t take any
comments or advice serious.

Montero album 2021 is Lil Nas X baby dropping on the streets any time now.

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