Billionaire Jeff Bezos 10 rules of success 2021

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Often described as a business magnet Jeffrey Preston Bezos popularly known as Jeff Bezos has
easily in success rules gone down in history as one of the richest men to ever exist in the world, in fact, as per June 2021, Forbes ranked him as the world’s richest man with a net worth of approximately $200 billion.

The great entrepreneur of our time so happens to be the founder and executive chairman of
Amazon one of the country’s leading online website. Although Amazon simply started out as an
online bookstore, it has since expanded to a variety of commodities.

In 2010, Jeff Bezos founded Blue Origin, an aerospace manufacturer and sub-orbital spaceflight service company. While in 2015, Blue Origin’s New Shepherd vehicle reached space and later landed
back on Earth.

Due these and many other accomplishments by Bezos, he is believed to be the richest man to
ever live during modern times and these are his ten tips on how to become this successful.

10. Think long term

Rather than making short term goals and planning along the lines for something that shall come
to an end soon. Jeff Bezos believes that great minds always have long term dreams and goals in
everything they do. One of success rules from Jeff Bezos.

9. Be a team player

Just as the wise saying goes, no man is an island. Therefore, for man to succeed, he needs other
people to work side by side with him, make sure you work jointly with a team to see to it that
a greater dream comes true.

8. Do what you love

A wise man once said, there’s nothing more interesting that turning your hobby into your job.
That way, you know that even on your worst days, you will be motivated to work since it is
what you love to do.

7. Have role models

Making it in a world filled with uncertainty can be hard especially in a situation when you have
no role model. Basing on Jeff Bezos, it would only be wise to have someone to look up to and
draw motivation from.

6. Execute your idea

Many minds are filled with great ideas, however, he drawback point is because of the fear that
consumes them. Bezos says that you should not let your fear be the drawback in between
accomplishing your dreams and the ideas you have in your great mind. Another from success rules from Jeff Bezos.

5. Find work life Harmony

At the fifth point, Bezos reminds us to always ensure that we work in harmony with the people
at our work place, that way, we can find place at work and also a condusive working

4. Take action

Always take action of your life and the situation at large, that way you'll be at the centre of
everything and you will know in which direction to direct your boat so as to avoid disasters and

3. Earn good reputation

Just like the Bible says, a good reputation is better than an expensive perfume, guard your
reputation like you would guard your left eye. Soon you will realize that no amount of money
can buy a reputation once it has been destroyed.

2. Step ferociously

With every step you take especially in as far as your career is concerned, ensure that you do it
with enough vigor to keep pushing you forward and through any possible challenges that your
may encounter.

1. Take bold bets

While venturing into any business, don’t be held back by anything. Take bold moves so that you
can accomplish big ventures in your life. And this tops off the list of Bezos’ top ten tips to
become successful in any career. One of the top success rules from Jeff Bezos.

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