Brennan Baby Reveals His Mother is Behind His Iconic Fashion

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Famous TikToker Brennan baby has revealed that his mother is the brain behind his fashion sense in most of his videos.

Whenever he acts as a female teacher, matron or any female stuff member, Brennan is known to always wear a dress and his signature black weave that flawlessly blends in with which ever character he is trying to portray.

Certainly, everyone was wondering who would be behind his fashion sense and who picks out those outfits that perfectly portray that “sick” girl in the classroom or that “nun” who always reminded students to seek divine intervention for making noise.

In a recent tweet, Brenna revealed that his mother is the master mind behind all his outfits. In the video, she is even seen tiding him up and preparing him to appear before the camera for one of the humorous skits.

This is not the first time Brennan shall be appreciating his mother for always standing by his side. In another skit, he thanked his mother for having acted as a parent during a visitation day. Even if her face did not appear, her voice could be heard in the background.

Despite his age, Brennan has gone far and wide with his acting skills. Several campaigns have hired him for ambassador roles including Safe boda. He advertised for Zion adventures’ trip to Ssezibwa falls among other gigs.

This shows how much his mother has not only been part of his journey but also strengthened his success. We hope and pray that he lives to accomplish much more through his skills in acting.

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