Buchaman Seeks to be Rewarded a Vehicle as a Presidential Advisor

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Renowned presidential envoy on ghetto affairs Buchaman real name Mark Magembe has cried out to president Museveni to reward him with a car as a presidential advisor.

In an interview with NBS TV, Buchanan revealed how he desires to be among the presidential advisors to be gifted with new rides. He said that since he was named the presidential envoy on ghetto affairs he has never benefited from the government.

On getting information that presidential advisors are to be rewarded with vehicles, Buchaman asked to be considered after learning that some might get and others could miss out.

The father of five explained that the president should consider the fact that he is disabled and this can be a solid ground that he gets regarded for the gift of the vehicle.

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He went on to add that he sometimes fails to deliver services to the ghetto people because of transport related issues.

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