City Lawyer Nicholas Opiyo Celebrates Year since Violent Arrests

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Renowned human rights lawyer Nicholas Opiyo has come out to celebrate and thank whoever stood by him during the violent arrest he was subjected to last year in December.

At the time of his arrest, the issues sparked a lot of concern not only at the national lever but also at the international level as several individuals and international organizations questioned the possibility of free and fair elections after Opiyo’s arrest.

Among the international persons that spoke up include Dr. Paul Williams, House Foreign Affairs Committee, Rep. Gregory Meeks, Senator Chris Coons, and Senator Bob Menedez. Even at the national level, many opposition stand holds came out and spoke about the atrocious act.

Last year, on the 22 nd of December, the advocate alongside four other collegues of his was arrested and detained following allegations of money laundering and related malicious act that had been levied against them.

On the 30 th of December, he was granted bail by the Buganda Road Court Chief Magistrate following the charges that had been levied against him.

Although this week marks a year since his arrest, Opiyo is still traumatized and affected by the situation he was exposed too as he said at the beginning of this week;

“It’s going to be a tough week. Try as I can; the memories of the events of Dec. 2020 keep gushing right back. I know I should be for all that stood with me to ensure my fair treatment & release from prison, but it’s hard to get over such injustices,” he tweeted sadly.

Later on, he thanked whoever has stood by him during that trying time when he was arrested and even had to spend the Christmas holiday behind bars. These were his words of gratitude to whoever was there for him;

“So much to be thankful for. It’s hard to believe that it’s a year since my violent arrest. Thank you all for standing with me. Kizza Besigye, Erias Lukwago, Dr. Stella Nyanzi, Bobi Wine, Norbert Mao, Rwakakamba, Opiaiya, Araoa Mercy, Amel project, Move Democracy, Larry Diamond, Thanks.”

Nicholas Opiyo is an award winning lawyer and is highly respected for his diverse knowledge on human rights. He is also the founder of Chapter Four Uganda and a 2021/2022 fellow at CarrCentre.

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