City Lord Mayor and Resident City Commissioner Lock Horns over Street Vendors

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Top Kampala city political heads city Lord Mayor, Elias Lukwago and the Resident City Commissioner are at logger heads over the issue of city vendors.

The conflict is a product of the directive passed by the Resident City Commissioner, Hudu Hussein asking all vendors on the streets of Kampala to have vacated by the 16th of January or otherwise be subjected to the iron hands of security operatives.

Hudu went on to state that the markets which are designated to the vendors being Usafi and Wandegeya are currently empty since many of the people meant to be occupying the stall have decided to take to street vending.

Despite this and prior warnings that had been given to the vendors, they still turned a deaf ear which has prompted Mr. Hudu to pass a stern warning as he said;

“Some vendors and hawkers are still selling their products on the street even when the concerned security agencies in Kampala have given them the grace period to leave the streets. Instead of 10th January I am adding you up to 16th January to vacate. I appeal to my mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters to please take action because we are doing this for our own good and the good of our city.”

Hudu also pointed fingers at his fellow political leaders whom he said were not corporative in the fight against eradicating the street vendors from many of the Kampala streets.

In retaliation, city Lord Mayor told the RCC that he is trying to evacuate the vendors from the streets of Kampala but instead, he may be the one that is chased from the streets of Kampala at the end of the day.

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