Cow hooves and why they maybe good for your health

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Cow hooves or as they are locally known ‘mulokonyi’ or better yet ‘bonebroth’ could be more
nutritious than you may have previously known. Known for having a thick soup, the tasty delicacy is common on the streets of Uganda and could go for at least UGX 2,000. Although many people enjoy it, they have not come to terms with it’s nutritional value.

Firstly, cow hooves contains calcium which would help you have strong bones and teeth. This will therefore limit on your chances of suffering a fracture or suffering from tooth related illnesses which we are all very prone to.

Aside from the above, bonebroth contains glycine which contains an amino acid. Due to the presence of this acid in the popular local delicacy, it has the ability to heal inflamed and sensitive guts.

To increase on the efficiency of this delicacy especially in regard to it’s nutritional value, it
would be wise to consume it with vegetables which are also known for their endless list of
nutritional benefits.

Just in case you have always ignored the bonebroth, it may actually be the answer to the pains
you feel in your joints and may also help you to recover faster than you imagine.
Grab yourself a plate once in a while just so as to ensure that you are not left out on the healthy


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