Da Agent makes a comeback on Gwe Ani banger tune

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Uganda’s king of LugaLufula, Da Agent has yet again dropped a monster banger dubbed ‘Gwe Ani which is set to have all hip-hop fans go ablaze.

The fast singing artiste who is signed under Savaam Music seems to always know his way around words as he easily composes lyrics in which his words flow at lightening speed yet they make the perfect sense with his unique speed.

His fans have been yawning for a taste of his melodies so Da Agent decided to come up with the
perfect lockdown banger to warm up the hearts of those that have religiously tuned into his
music all this while.

‘Gwe Ani?’ is the title of the song and it could be translated into English as rhetoric question
which literally asks the listener ‘Who are you?’ a question that many of us usually forget to ask
ourselves and go by the bandwagon.

To know the rest of the flow of the song, you can’t help but tune into the song and listen to it’s
every beat and word so as to fully enjoy the flavor with which Da Agent has decided to present
himself to his fans this time round.

Just in case you were wondering, the song Gwe Ani was produced by no one other than monster pan pro which only adds to the excitement that comes along with listening to this wonderful song.
Make sure you don’t miss out on this lovely song.

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