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Daddy Andre returns with “omwana wabandi” song 2021

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Black Markets records boss Daddy Andre has done it once again as he returns with the
“Omwaana wabandi” single.

This can loosely be translated as “someone’s child” and through this love journey, In Omwaana Wabandi song, Daddy Andre describes how his thoughts have totally been invaded by a certain lady who is someone’s daughter.

Well from what our team saw when they had a glimpse at the video clip, Daddy Andre is
extremely restless until he lays his eyes upon the girl that has completely captured his

Although the video only shows a drop of what is in the video, Daddy Andre promises that by
23rd July, the song shall be available on every social media platform which should be this

The song Omwaana Wabandi also left us wondering whether Daddy Andre is finally love sick for Nina Roz since he hasn’t shown in any emotional in relation to their alleged bitter split earlier this year.

Right after the couple split, Nina Roz expressed her longing for her lover through her “Enyoota”
song where she speaks of how thirsty she is for the love of a certain special someone.

At around the same time, it was rumored that Daddy Andre had already moved on with
American based Ugandan singer Shakira especially when the two were pictured getting lovey

However, Shakira was quick to flash the rumors down the drain setting that her relationship to
Daddy Andre was totally platonic which is the reason as to why she thinks Nina Roz ought to
fight for love with Daddy Andre.

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Hardly had Shakira said this than Daddy Andre released a song Omwaana Wabandi declaring his love for a someone’s daughter. Well it doesn’t take a genius to discover that the special girl maybe and
must be Nina Roz.

As we await the dropping of the hit banger Omwana Wabandi, hopefully the romantic couple shall be able to rekindle their sweet sweet love story and take us back to the days of “Andele” and “Nangana.”

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