Kataleya and Kandle Set to Drop Do Me Hit

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Melodic music duo Kataleya and Kandle will today release their Do Me song video that you surely wouldn’t want to miss out on.

As we quickly pace towards the festival celebrations, nothing makes it more complete and fascinating than a touch of new and classic music. This time round, Kataleya and Kandle will be there to spice up the holiday for you.

In case you have not encountered the two, the young ladies have the capability to draw the attention of an entire crowd to themselves all thanks to how fascinating their voices truly are, not to mention how beautiful they are.

Aside from this song, previously the duo has produced other songs which are the highly listened too for instance two months old “tonnafuya” which has a 66K viewership on YouTube and four months old “muzibe wa love” whose viewership in the same application is 27K.

The Ks are also known for their fascinating fashion sense which goes beyond wearing similar garment to selecting colors that will force the video to live at the back of your memory all the days of your life.

What could be more worthwhile than a melodic voice, a showcase of catchy fashion and lyrics that will have you dancing in no time. Make sure to catch Kataleya and Kandle’s “dome” as it drop today.

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