EAST HIGH SCHOOL Closes UP Days After Students Returning To School

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According to different sources, it’s been reported that East High School has halted its operations days after school opening.

This was done due the low turn up of students after the lock down. However, the administrators state the closure so as to create bigger space to carry out renovations.

However, the parents of the students that attend this institution have been compensated back the tuition fees as they figure out the best way to work on the renovations.

Different institutions and schools have been under closure with the coming of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

The question still stands as why now when most schools are just resuming normal studying? Will it affect the children mentally?

East High School, Ntinda is a mixed day and boarding school located along the Kisaasi Kulambiro road. It’s known to promote enable different children grow up with better morals since its a muslim oriented school.

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