Eddy Kenzo brushes off ‘ Twende Tupate’ remix criticisms

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BET award winning star Eddy Kenzo has brushed off the raising Twende Tupate remix 2021 related

After the ‘Twende Tupate’ remix was dropped on Friday, many people have come out to criticize Eddy Kenzo’s addition to the song saying it did add any significant impact to the already famous song.

Initially, the song was dropped by Pia Pounds on her EP Tupate last year 2020, and there is no doubt it was set for the skies also adding consideration of how much Ugandans love to party which was the center of the song.

As though that was not enough, Mc Africa popularized the song with his Friday media
appearances in which he would welcome the weekend using the ‘tupaate’ song as a
background song.

Since everything seemed to be going perfectly, we thought it wise to spice up things and what
better way could their be a remix than a remix featuring the two who were mentioned prior
alongside Eddy Kenzo.

However, Ugandans seem not to have welcomed the idea of Twende Tupate remix as they have since been criticizing the song some saying his presence could only be compared to the dormant presence of ‘k’ in knife.

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Since being through a lot of challenges, even this could not get to Eddy Kenzo as he said he will
keep on working towards becoming the best trend ensuring that he maintains the place hence
he believes both he and Pia Pounds actually did a great job.

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