ENDS IN TEARS: Comedian Taata Sam Dumps Brown Sugar

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After comedian Robert Sunday Muwonge mostly known as Taata Sam having twins in his ‘new catch’ Brown Sugar, after playing with her feelings and getting over her in media, he has abruptly come out to say he only loves his first wife Birabwa Aidah.

Seems Singer Brown Sugar’s day dream came to an end sooner than she thought.  S really was over the comedian saying that her love for him was immense, and that no one would whisker it away from her heart. On the hand, Taata Sam was in a hide waiting for the day to make her cry.

The same way, Brown Sugar’s relationship with former tycoon Sipapa ended in tears, now her relationship with Taata Sam has ended in premium tears. All this happens when Taata Sam
publicly announces that even if he appreciates her giving him lovely twins, he still loves his first wife
Birabwa Aidah.

There few women whom I love most in this world,,, the first one was my late Mother and the second one is my wife Aidah, she has done many things for me and she’s the only woman I love” Taata Sam chirped leaving Brown Sugar outside the box.

Robert Sunday started by recording audio comedy while at Digida FM in 2012, in 2015 resorted to video and started doing clean Katusekemu comedy skits which yield him more money on YouTube and lead to his fame in the industry. He also acts as Gadimba.

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