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“Fwa Fwa Fwa” Azawi Returns in High Gears with New Song

“Fwa Fwa Fwa” Azawi Returns in High Gears with New Song

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As though “my year” and “slow dancing” were not enough, Azawi has more in store as she appears in “Fwa Fwa Fwa.” This is a song off her debut album called African music.

Although close to nothing is known about the yet to be released song, we cannot deny the fact
that it’s title would have your brain running at close to one kilometer per hour as you try to
understand it.

At first look, Fwa sounds like a repetition of words however, later it sounds like it’s more of words being repeated but a message being communicated about something. It has more depth to it can you could pick at first sight.


However, a single title is never complete unless it is accompanied by lyrics just like bread and
butter walk hand in hand. Therefore, we have to patiently wait until the very talented Azawi
drops her “African music” album.

To make the long wait worthwhile, stay tuned to Times Uganda as we gather every nitty witty
about the yet to be dropped album right from when it shall be dropped, where you can access the
songs and what songs you can expect.

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You certainly don’t want to miss out on what the year’s leading female artist has in store for us
and just how far she is willing to go without taking a break as she drops hit after hit.

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