Government to Start Using Covidex as COVID-19 Treatment Officially

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News getting to our desk indicate that, the government of Uganda is to start officially using it’s own Covidex  drug as a major prescription for the cure of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). This is a major announcement made by Minister Dr. Musenero Monica.

In her announcement, The Minister of Science, Innovation and Technology Dr. Monica Musenero revealed that, the government is now considering the official use of Covidex for the major treatment of COVID-19. She however further said that, the drug is still undergoing development to meet the standards as a COVID-19 drug.

It should be remembered that, in late November 2021, Dr. Monica Musenero caused a media uproar when she appeared before Parliament to defend her 200 lab rats costs which were seeing her purchase each at 8 million shillings. Ugandans definitely saw this as another corruption scandal in the making.

Before that, Covidex, a drug believed to be curing Covid -19 was born in the same year 2021 under the hand of Prof. Patrick Ogwang. The news spread worldwide and the drug was used widely in East Africa. Although the project hit some icebergs here and there, the government of Uganda picked the interest in developing it. And as you read this, the medicine is now set to be officially used by Ugandans to fight the deadly virus.

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