Gravity Omutujju ventures into bee keeping

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Ugandan hip hop artist Gravity Omutujju had resorted to invest in bee keeping after a long period of the music industry not working.

During an interview with Spark Tv, the singer showed off his farm and said that instead of going to Gulu to beg from Gen. Saleh he will focus on his bee farm and earn big in due time.

Everyone knows we have not been working for now almost two years yet we have to keep eating and looking after our families. I am into bee keeping. Instead of going to beg from Saleh I will use that time to look after my bee farm so that I earn in a short period of time.” Gravity Omutujju said.

He went ahead and called on more artistes like King Saha, Weasle , GNL Zamba and Feffe Busi to join him and invest in bee farms because it’s lucrative. He is already willing to take them through the business.

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Gravity Omutujju also advised Gen Saleh to stop giving free money to artists but invest that money in artists like him who want to work and are tired of free things.

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