Health updates of radio and television personality Dj Bush Baby

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DJ Bush Baby real names Michael Owor in praise and worship after recovery from a serious
Shs15millions surgery operation on his infected bladder, he sends thanks messages to all people who

This all started when the legendary television and radio personality Bush Baby was washing his car, he
accidently slipped into a manhole and part of his body went in injuring his urethra and his bladder in the process.

Shs15millions where asked, This left the media world up and down and after lots of first aids and x-rays done surgery as the only option, this was expensive and many helped as they could in getting him better and back to his feet.

Thankfully after a lot strong medical operations, Dj Bush Baby is currently strong and back home trying to heal after the hectic surgery, he still needs prayers and a lot of healthy meals which are hard to get in this lockdown situation.

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DJ Bush Baby is a name that has been in the Uganda radio and television stations for more than 20
years, he is one of the people that revolutionized stations to start using English back in 1998 as a
pioneer on Kiss FM.

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