Hoima School Allows Students To Report With Phones

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Hoima based school, Mandela Secondary School has given students a green light to go back to school with mobile phones.

As many schools in the country are confiscating and destroying any mobile phone found in the students’ possession while on school premises, Mandela Secondary School has given her students permission to report to school with phones.

However, it is not the first school to allow students to report to school with their phones as schools such as Taibah College School, Aga Khan High School, Namirembe Hill Side and St. Marys’ College Kitende have in the past permitted learners the luxury of owning phones in school.

This has constantly sparked an argument between both teachers and the parents as they wonder whether it is fundamentally essential for students to possess phones on school premises yet they are meant to concentrate.

According to them, phones come along with many distractions like games or entertainment apps that may hinder concentration for a young brain like that of a high schooler or a primary going student and grasping of key concepts.

On the other, the pro-phones category argues that it is important for students to have phones with them since they require to always have a way through which they can reach out to their parents in case a tragedy befalls them or they are being ill-treated at school.

For as long as this debate is in existence, it shall be hard to draw the margin in between students having phones or leaving them at home. Therefore, the schools that permit them shall permit them while those against them shall also maintain their stand.

As of now, Mandela Secondary School, Hoima has just joined the list of schools that shall permit their learners to have phones even when on campus.

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