I Refuse to be Depressed, Doreen Kabareebe Assures Media

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Ugandan famous model Doreen Kabareebe has assured media that she will not be intimidated into depression by their mocking captions used on most celebrity photos.

The award winning model decided to open up with a warning to the media following a photo that showed her seated on a Boda went viral on social media with soon many mocking captions.

Through her instagram, Doreen Kabareebe revealed that such negative captions and comments from the media can easily cause one to be depressed. In addition, she said that the habit needs to stop. This is because it could be the reason why some people end up committing suicide or even start using drugs.

However, she explained that she is a down to earth person who doesn’t mind using any means of transport. Those laughing at her over the trending photo just don’t understand her well.

In addition, Kabareebe appealed to the media to end such negative captions with her because not every celebrity is as strong as she is to handle such situations without being depressed.

“I refuse to be depressed. Please media houses forging captions, I hope this ends with me. Not every celebrity can handle depression .Not everyone is as strong as I am. This is one of the reason why people end up committing suicide or even start using drugs. Lets please have some love in our hearts.” Doreen Kabareebe posted

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