Instagram Model Allegedly Ready To Sue Drake

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Anonymous Instagram model has revealed her intentions to sue famous international rapper Anonymous Instagram model has revealed her intentions to sue famous international rapper Drake under contradictory circumstances under contradictory circumstances.

Basing on reports ensuing from the duo’s encounter, they met on Instagram and one thing lead to another until they agreed to meet up. The two finally met at a party after which they decided to have some alone time.

After rounds of weed and liquor in the comfort of their hotel room, the two had consensual sex during which Drake used a condom which he disposed off after each of them had reached their climax.

This is the point at which the activities of the night to a twist of no return. The model who for reasons best known to herself decided to pour the contents of the used condom into her private parts.

To her shock, she was met with a burning sensation causing her to alarm and call for help. Right away, Drake ran to her rescue and upon discovering her actions, he disclosed that he had poured hot sauce into the condom in order to kill the sperms.

From his actions, the model felt like there was a breach on Drake’s side and therefore, he deserves to be sued for what he did after their night of intimacy and short period of graduating from strangers to acquaintances.

Since this information was shared to Instagram, there has been one point of confusion, why is she suing Drake? Is it not breach of their agreement to have protected sex when she decided to pour the sp**ms into herself after their moments of passion?

Well share your thoughts with us and let us know if she has reason to file for a case in court or should it be Drake suing?

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