Irene Ntale Says She’s Looking For A Man That Is 30 Years and Above

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Musician Irene Ntale decides to set limits on which people should hit her inbox asking her out after realizing that there a so many youths trying their best to win her heart.

Through her twitter handle, Irene Ntale called upon all those below the age of thirty to stop asking her out because she can not open her heart to someone she is older than. She says she is not ready to become anyone’s sugar mummy. Additionally, she wants someone who already has experience and knows what to do not kids to teach how to love her.

“Young boys and I mean all of you below the age of 30. Please don’t hit on me munveko! I will spoil you for nothing,” she wrote.

It should be noted that ever since Irene Ntale broke up with Jonathan Kyeyo. She has for along time been trying to find someone to give her company but it looks like she has never met a man of her standard among all those that try to date her. She says yes she is ready to date but not with juveniles.

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