Irish Kyebandura reveals reasons for the once famous Amarula Side Mirror Tv show failure

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Senior Media personality and former mimicking star Daniel Irish Kyebandura Kanyerezi finally comes out to explain the reasons behind the fall of Amarula Family’s Side Mirror his first ever comedy television show back in the days.

Gone are the days when millions used to watch and enjoy side mirror comedy from Wavah Broadcasting Service (WBS), you can't talk about comedy and forget Amarula family the pioneers of Ugandan comedy. This was a group led by Amooti Omubalambuzi and the late Paddy Bitaama.

Irish Kyebandura Amarula was one of the members in this group, he used to mimic the late Uganda Broadcast Cooperation (UBC) news presenter Bbale Francis, he explains in his interview how the name Side Mirror was used because the show was about showing the irony and comedy in Ugandan news.

He Finally hints how the show was famous and making a lot of money but no reasonable money was
given to him, time went by and he was still broke yet everybody who saw him thought he was rich due to being on television and that’s why he decided to leave the group.

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Daniel Irish Kanyerezi Kyebandura is one of the longest serving media personalities. He has worked with over 5 media houses and is currently running a late night show at capital FM Uganda.

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