Isma Olaxess Arrested Over Inciting Violence

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NRM blogger Isma Olaxess aka Jjaja Ichuli is currently under police custody after he was detained at CID Kibuli with charges of inciting violence.

The motormouthed blogger was retained on Monday 22 ,2021 after a full day of being interrogated and will appear before court today.

It should be noted that recently Isma took to his Facebook page and hyped terrorists responsible for the November 16th twin explosions in Kampala. He went on and encouraged them to commit more of the explosion attacks against Christians.

The self claimed Jjaja Ichuli advised the terrorists to target Christian churches and inside parliament on thier next explosion attack.

The video was a rant in response to the fact that police is always arresting Muslims as suspects. In such terrific attacks and cases that happen in Uganda.

Later he came out and apologized for the statements saying that he was driven by emotions. This however, fell on deaf ears and didn’t stop Home Connect Properties Uganda Limited from terminating his ambassadorial contract.

In less than two months Isma been arrested twice on cases of defamation and character assassination. He was arrested with Next media service employees and now with inciting violence.

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