Jose Chameleon to hold concert in Malawi

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Joseph Mayanja aka Dr. Jose Chameleon is set to appear in a mega concert in Malawian capital, Lilongwe. This is not his first concert outside Uganda this year, but it is worth talking about.

This Corona era concert is scheduled for the 15th of this month and shall be held at the one of the city’s
famous clubs, The Mingle at which he shall blow his fans with his musical hits that have kept him
assail for the past years.

In a video clip making rounds on social media, Jose Chameleon asks his fans in Malawi to come
up and buy the VIP tickets to the show as he promises to entertain them to the peak and
throughout the night.

During this pandemic, many Ugandan artists have been left stranded with nothing to turn to especially after their
industry has been under key and padlock for approximately a year now following the outbreak
of the COVID-19.

Due to this, artistes have sought pastures elsewhere as a means of surviving during the trying
times presented by the covid-19 period, some advice online concerts while others have opted
for businesses.

Dr. Jose Chameleon on the other hand chose to entertain the crowds through a concert and
seeing as Uganda has no room to accommodate these, Malawi was just the perfect destination
for him.

It should be noted that, Vinka once did the same as she earlier this year when she had a concert in South Sudan.
Unfortunately, one of her fans molested her during the concert.

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