Juliana Kanyomozi opens about her relationship with baby Taj daddy

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Ugandan diva Juliana Kanyomozi has finally disclosed a little information about her relationship with the father of her baby boy Taj. She opened a can of worms that left everyone wondering why she had to.

While answering questions from her fans in what she named “Sit down with Yana” on her YouTube
channel, Juliana Kanyomozi revealed that she has dated her baby Daddy for the last seven years.
The songstress added that the father to her baby Taj is a very private person and that’s the reason they have not known him yet.

“He is a very private person and does not like being in the limelight, that is why you have never seen him even though he has been in my life for the last seven years, yes, seven years,” Juliana Kanyomozi revealed.

Juliana is one of the most private artists in Uganda after she made headlines in May 2020 when she surprised social media in-laws with news of the birth of baby Taj after being silent about her pregnancy.

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Till now despite being being provoked several times by her fans to let the cat out of the bag, Juliana Kanyomozi baby daddy and son’s face still remain a big mystery.

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