“Let Him Be”: Winnie Byanyima Defends Son’s Lifestyle

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Different Ugandans and onlookers have criticized the lifestyle of the son of Winnie Byanyima who is the Executive Director of UNAIDS.

Winnie Byanyima is the renown wife of well known opposition candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye. She wasn’t pleased by the judgements given to her son because of him having dreadlocks and a different style and culture than most Ugandans.

Following a tweet she posted, she showed her grievance while defending her son as a parent stating that as Anselm’s mother, she finds his lifestyle ‘gorgeous’.

“Some Ugandans don’t like Anselm Besigye‘s long dreadlocks and hate his clothes! I think he is gorgeous! I am his mum,” she said.

This picked up with different reactions and mixed emotions from social media with Ugandans blaming her upbringing and defending Anslem’s lifestyle which they claim is culturally inappropriate.

“You have assembled with men not because you decided to dress men’s trousers, put on their shirts or even tried to be masculine…but because of your intellect, leadership and female dignity…your son is doing otherwise trying to be a woman in appearance, looks, sad” Kikonyogo Patrick.

The argument was to show the public that not everything is seen in black and white. She defended her son with her sharp reasoning skills and brave spirit.

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