Lil Pazo Apologize I Pay Your Hospital Bills – Zahara Totto Demands

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This shocked many as Field Marshall Zahara Totto real names Nalumansi Zahara teased bed ridden
Mukasa Yasin allies Lil Pazo Lunabe to apologize for his three years back old attacks on her, says he
should speak out the truth.

Recently the Emotoka hit singer Lil Pazo Lunabe was reported to have been suffering from some
intestine and liver disease Shs2millions is needed, close friends say that he has been suffering from
ulcers for a very long time but lockdown broke ness maybe made the situation worse.

People should be careful on what ever they talk, I can have paid all the money needed by Lil Pazo but he should first say sorry for abusing my family and children” Zahara Totto demands.

This comes after three years when Lil Pazo Realized a video recording calling Zahara Toto a thief,
claimed that she lifted him by the belt and stole his wallet. He went ahead to call her a bumless thief
who has nothing anyone can admire, but up to now no body knows what this battle was all about and
what really happened.

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Zahara Toto was born Nalumansi Zahara born in 1985 and she is a Ugandan television personality,
celebrity gossip Queen who came into the limelight after featuring in the popular television show called Live Wire which airs on Spark television, and recently hitting ceilings on NBS Television on Uncut gossip show.

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