Major advantages and disadvantages of getting a loan

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Following the covid-19 pandemic, your business may have suffered the impact of close to seven
months of not being attended to. As though that’s not enough, your merchandise may be
damaged. It may therefore be the opportune time to get a loan.

Before applying for that loan, it is essential for you to have security. A bank or whichever
financial institution you’ll be getting the loan from shall require collateral that they can use to
recover the money just in case you fail to pay.

Also, your security should be relative to the amount of money you’re trying to get but this shall
be determined by the financial institution from which you are trying to get a loan. Here are
some advantages and disadvantages of getting loans;

Loans offer relief in times of crisis. Once you are in a time of crisis, getting it maybe the
solution to save you. With a loan comes relief for your financial burdens shall be lessened and
you can start on your road towards accomplishing your dream business goals.

It gives you time to pay the loan. Once you have got it, a payment plan shall be laid out
which may stretch up to 10 years depending on how much money you have borrowed. This can
only change if breach the payment plans you have scheduled with whichever institution you are
trying to attain a loan from.

Loans could also increase on your working capital. Sometimes, your working capital could be
the limit towards you attaining your business ambitions. Therefore, in order for you to reach
your full business potential, it may be wise to take on that loan which will give you a pushing

Sometimes, it is possible to negotiate a repayment holiday. This is mostly when you’re still
processing loans. Once you get a repayment holiday, it means you can only pay interest for a
certain amount of time while repayments on the capital have been frozen.

Although acquiring a loan is a good idea, it comes along with some disadvantages and these
may include;

In case of a failed business venture, you’ll pay for money you haven’t used. While applying for a
loan, it is important to ensure that you will push through with the business venture you plan of
working upon. Once the business venture fails, you may end up paying for a loan that wasn’t
beneficial to you.

You could lose your property to the loaner. Once you fail to complete the payment in a
specified period of time, the bank or loaner could confiscate your property hence it is essential
to pay your loan on time and according to the terms that have set by the agreement while
acquiring the loan.

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Hence although acquiring one, could be the solution for your current financial predicament, it
would be essential for you to use the loan wisely so that you can avoid whatever financial
challenges that may arise from it.

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