Mc Kats on How He Deals With Stigma

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Renown emcee Edwin Katamba alias Mc kats has narrated his ordeal with HIV and how he deals with stigma from people.

Mc kats publicly opened up about his HIV status in 2019 when he said he was positive. Many started looking at him differently with different people stigmatizing him. While others started cooking up all kinds of stories to bring him down.

On some occasions the negativity and stigma has come from social media and also fellow TV presenters because of his health status.

The negativity seems not to have any impact on him and it hasn’t stopped him from being the incredible MC he is. Through his social media platforms Kats has encouraged all people living with HIV not to give up on their dreams.

“I’m living positively but that hasn’t stopped me from being the star that I am. I encourage all PLHIV to take your meds’ , you will be okay.” Kats shared.

Sharing his story , Kats noted that being HIV positive doesn’t stop one from achieving their dreams ,he encouraged people living with HIV to keep on medication .

Two years ago the long time emcee publicly declared that he was battling severe pneumonia and HIV. This was after he collapsed and got hospitalized during a show in UK.

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