Media has created stupid celebrities- A Pass criticizes

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KAMPALA – Musician A Pass born Alexander Bagonza has criticized Ugandan televisions and media houses that have made it a habit to create what he terms as “stupid celebrities”

In a tweet, the singer said that people get recognized for being stupid and doing nothing but talk
nonsense. He added that despite their stupidity, these people are considered funny and wondered how some people take them as role models.

“Ugandan Tv and media has created stupid celebrities, people get recognized for being stupid and for doing nothing but talk nonsense and it’s funny how some of you look at these people as role models. Role models for what!!!” A Pass tweeted.

In response many of his followers, A Pass pointed fingers at NBS TV’s Uncut show for consistently hosting people like Wisdom Kaye, Full Figure and others who to them always have no idea about very important issues at hand.

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It should however be noted that, this is not the only artiste to condemn this kind of act, other artistes like the legendary Kato Lubwama has been seen often criticizing the act of bringing up everyone as an artiste. Here the war goes on as A Pass attacks media houses.

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