Muhamad Ssegirinya Has Nothing to Say in Parliament – Blogger Isma Olaxess

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KAMPALA – Bloggers President, Isma Olaxess has today attacked the Kawempe North Member of Parliament, Hon. Mohammed Ssegirinya. He said that, Ssegirinya is hiding in doing charity because has nothing to say in parliament.

As you know that since Hon. Muhamad Ssegirinya was elected as the Kawempe North MP he
has in his powers worked tirelessly to make Kawempe a better place. However as it
is also clear that many people are jealous about his works. He has to face some criticism because not everyone can be happy with his great deeds.

While appearing on a local television, Spark TV, blogger and motormouth Isma Olaxess said that
Ssegirinya has nothing to say in the parliament. He says there is nothing as hard as an interview where you have to face big people.

Additionally, he says that it’s because of this fear and lack of confidence that Ssegirinya has to do anything in his power to extend services to his people because he can not even make a parliamentary petition.

However it’s should be remembered that, it’s not that every Member of Parliament has or even can do what Muhamad Ssegirinya is doing. It is evident that some elected Members of Parliament go there to feed their stoma and family.

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But the “You don’t have to be rich to give” Honorable has challenged several without even waiting
on parliament to first approve his requests. He has in his power not given the Kawempe people a
chance to regret having believed in him as their representative in the Parliament.

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