Has Sheebah Karungi Become A Gospel Artist? Here Is the Entire Truth

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Queen Karma Sheebah Karungi has captured everyone’s attention following the announcement of the release of her next song, “Mukama Yamba.”

Right from the title Mukama Yamba, you can most definitely tell that her next song shall be a gospel song. But the big question is, will the singer be changing her music genre from secular music that we are accustomed to hearing her sing to gospel music?

It must be remembered that in the past, Sheebah never released a single song in regards to her relationship with God. Her music was always secular and majorly speaking about the concept of love as its central theme.

In a recent post by the singer, she seems to be laying her boundaries straight. She speaks about how she believes that God has been with her right from the beginning and also how he will always stand with her no matter what.

She goes on to say she shall be putting God first in whatever she does hence fourth and no matter she does, God shall be a top priority. This most definitely sounds like she will focus her career on gospel music rather than secular music where it was initially angled.

“God has always been above ALL for me, but I have never showcased that in my work. I am now on the biggest Chapter of my life and I want to put God first in all that I do moving forward. This song is very personal to me & symbolizes a lot that I feel,” read Sheebah’s tweet.

No matter what decisions Sheebah makes at this point, we shall always stand by her side and support for she is indeed talented and is a hardworking lady.

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