Sheebah Karungi Runs To God For Help

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A month after Sheebah karungi, has been replaced by a 17year old pinky official. She is yet to realize her first gospel song “Mukama Yamba” where she is calling upon the Almighty to come through and help in her current situation.

Following Pinky’s recruitment, Sheebah karungi’s previous manager has also taken it upon himself to show indirectly show sheebah that she was just a source of income in Team No Sleep where she has been as a musician for many years.

It was evident that her services where not appreciated after ex manager “Jeff Kiwa” revealed in a interviews with a local television that he is tired of working with musicians who care much about her looks than their brand. He added to this saying that three years are enough for one to sale her music internationally if only they were not investing most of their time in lipstick.

However, having built her brand for a long time, the “YOLO” hit maker makes a wiser decision of fighting a silent battle since her loyal fans are still giving her the energy to move on. Sheebah has concentrated on making music since she already has a name to keep than get involved in fights that will add nothing to her brand but instead make a damage to her reputation.

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