Sheebah Karungi Is Set To Drop Mukama Yamba Single

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Queen of the dance flow Sheebah Karungi is set to drop yet another single dubbed “mukama yamba” that shall be out and loud any time now.

Basing on recent posts on her various social media handles ranging from Twitter to YouTube, she has announced her intentions to release yet another wonderful hit although the specifics of when it shall be dropped are still unknown.

From the looks of the poster, Sheebah seems to be crying out to God for His divine interventions in whatever she is currently experiencing in her life as her face clearly paints devastation and frustration.

Recently, the former Team No Sleep (TNS) star has been at logger heads with her previous manager Jeff Kiwa following her announcement to depart from the record label that has been her home for such a long time.

Shortly after her departure, a pink head known as Pinky was recruited into the music label and planted into the music industry as the new face of Team No Sleep.

As though that was not enough, Jeff Kiwa wrote an open letter in which he criticizes a “certain musician” that has chosen to become a lipstick artist even if he has tried to push her to the international level and make her a better artist.

In the public scene, these seem to be the major frustrations that Sheebah is going through but we certainly wouldn’t know what is transpiring her private life and the sources of her challenges.

Without doubt this song will become a hit since many people are going through various challenges and all they can do is turn to the Lord right now and say unto Him “Mukama Yamba.”

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