Naira Ali stings Ugandans for tolerating fake things

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KAMPALA – Singer Naira Ali is at it again this time criticizing Ugandans for continuously embracing fake things, from music to people. The singer went so raw in stinging everyone about how they have normalized everything bad.

As usual, through her social media platforms on Thursday the singer lashed out at Ugandans who have normalized many irritating things including fake and trashy music including quake artistes like Fresh Daddy.

Naira Ali also said that in the same way girls have normalized sex-vending, Ugandans have normalized hate and having a bad rotten corrupt government in power.

“Girls normalized sex-vending, you normalized hate, you normalized having a rotten corruption government in power, you normalized having junky trashy music, imagine you even normalized embracing quaky artists like Fresh Daddy nabalala bemumanyi but please don’t tell me how you are normalizing having loud stupid thin minded people analyze issues for this great nation?” Naira Ali posted on her socials.

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Of late the singer has become a social media warrior known for discrediting fellow artists. First she
attacked unknown artists who she accused of paying media houses to play their music and next was an attack on music critic sending who commented on her words.

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