Netizens demand to see Juliana Kanyomozi son Taj face

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Social media in-laws angry with Juliana Kanyomozi for hiding her son face Taj for a
full year. This happened when she penned a birthday message for her son Taj, and wished him well, without revealing his face.

As we all remember, last year we informed you about the news on how Juliana Kanyomozi was blessed with a bouncing baby boy called Taj. But unfortunately every time she posts the baby she makes sure the baby’s face is not clear to the audience.

This has not gone well with most people on social media (Facebook) as they have asked her to either show them the face or even not post about his son.

On 12th May, 2021, Juliana Kanyomozi son, Taj made one year. The “Nabikoowa” singer took it to her official social media platforms and posted a message for the little one who she says she loves
more than anything in this world.

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Filled with curiosity many people demanded to at least see how the baby looks like. A
one Nasasira Eddie replied to the post calling it madness for Juliana to hide her son Taj
away from the public.

“Juliana u are my sister but in this case of covering the head of your son is totally madness if you don’t want us to see your baby don’t even bother to make any tweet anymore come-on”  Nasaasira Eddie commented

Look who just turned 1” with a hidden face are you fine?” Ken Kayiza followed. So many people’s replies went unnoticed but there was this unfortunate Andrew Lutaaya whose message was replied with he is not fit to be among Juliana’s audience and as though that was not enough she decided to help him from viewing her content by blocking him.

Andrew Lutaya’s reply read .“Omwana wamuzala mu kiface oba even don’t see the reason y u post him nga toyagala bamulabe yemwe abaziza ne Uganda emabega”

Why are you even here if you don’t like what I post. Kati kankuyambe nkublockinge. Genda owogganire eri ffe totukooya” Replied Juliana.

Juliana Kanyomozi son Taj pictures

However it should be noted that Julian Kanyomozi runs a private life that it is not only her son’s Taj face that is unknown but also she gave people a chance to keep guessing who the son’s father is.

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